• Catalytic Converter Marking Kit

The Catalytic Converter Marking Kit contains two (2) heat resistant TESA labels that have been specially lasered with a unique code so allow a specially formulated Metal etching compound to be applied over the label to create a permanent mark on the metal surface below the label.

Included in the kit price is free lifetime registration on Selectamark’s Secure Home Office and ACPO SBD Police approved database.

The kit also includes two (2) warning window stickers to advise that the catalytic convertor has been security marked.

Designed to permanently mark a Catalytic Converter on a vehicle with an almost indestructible sticker and a metal marking fluid.

Catalytic Converters are widely known by thieves to have a high scrap valuable as the metal coating contains precious metals such as platinum. Marking a Catalytic Converter is difficult as the heat and steam will remove ordinary UV markings or stickers. This kit is designed specifically for this purpose, it works by marking the metal shell of the convertor with a unique mark so if it is stolen and recovered it will be easier to trace back to a vehicle.
The Kit Includes :-

1 x Metal Marking Fluid with Brush and Template
1 x Security Register Contact Card
1 x Marking and Registration Instructions
1 x Information Update Form

Catalytic Converter Marking Kit

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